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Custom and semi-custom homes are a great choice when it comes to building a home tailored to your lifestyle. But which home option is right for you? This choice largely depends on how much customization you want your home to have. Additionally, your desired budget and timeline will also affect your decision about a semi-custom or fully custom home.

At Redknot Homes, we offer 100% custom and semi-custom options. Specifically, we have in-house architects that can create custom home plans. Clients can also use previously built homes as inspiration for their homes. Essentially, this is the semi-custom home option. Below, we™ve outlined the key differences between custom vs. semi-custom homes to help you decide on the best option.


As the name implies, custom homes are completely custom. Ultimately, you can decide precisely how your home will look from interior finishes to exterior elevation and materials. There are no design limitations other than what a client’s budget and homesite allow. For example, clients can create any floor plan design in a custom home. Additionally, clients are not limited in options of architectural features or finishes in a 100% custom home.


The custom home process starts by selecting a home site. After you™ve secured a location for your new home, you will start on the home design. Essentially there are two ways to design a home. First, you can work with an independent architect to create plans for you. The second option is to work with your custom builder and their team (which includes an architect) to design your dream home. Specifically, we recommend designing your home with your builder. This allows for a more seamless building process. When you design with your builder, they are able to provide relative estimates of cost as you go. As a result, homes designed with a builder are more likely to stay within budget and be built on time. Alternatively, homes designed by an architect alone cannot be as accurately priced out. This can result in design changes and budget issues down the road.

Custom homes can be more expensive to build. However, Redknot Homes has great relationships with local suppliers, contractors, and designers to help keep your project within budget. Custom homes typically take a little longer to build due to the increased planning involved in the process. This is why custom homes are great for those with more flexible or extended timelines. They are also an ideal choice for those with specific design ideas that are eager to play a large role in crafting their unique home. Ultimately, clients with a clear vision and specific design in mind benefit the most from a custom home.


  • Clients can work with an architect to design a 100% custom floor plan
  • The design process offers unlimited personalization options
  • The process requires heavy involvement of the client


  • Requires a longer timeline (typically a 12-month process)
  • Not ideal for those that want minimal customization/involvement
  • Can be more costly because of the extended timeline, design fees, etc.


Alternatively, semi-custom homes are a good mixture of custom and production homes. Ultimately, these homes won™t feature the identical designs of other houses in the neighborhood but may have similar features. One of the main benefits for clients building a semi-custom home is that there is less time and money spent on designing a home. The process of building a 100% custom home can be overwhelming for some people. For this reason, many opt for a semi-custom option for personalized features and a unique home. At the same time, avoiding much of the early planning and decision-making pressure that can accompany a completely custom home.

The semi-custom home process does include selecting a home site. However, you will select between pre-designed floor plans instead of designing every inch of your home. Additionally, you will be able to select add-ons such as a garage or deck and make minor adjustments to the floor plan. You will also be able to choose the finishes for your home such as cabinets, countertops, floors, and more. In summary, the semi-custom option allows you to create your dream home with a lower budget and a shorter timeline.


  • Shorter planning and design timeline to build
  • Saves time and money by utilizing existing construction plans
  • Fewer decisions for the homeowner to make


  • Fewer features and designs are available
  • The home is not completely custom
  • Limited control in the building process

Ultimately, these are generic pros and cons. Depending on your needs/wants in a home, these cons may not necessarily be cons for you specifically. If you do not mind the cons of a semi-custom built home, then a semi-custom option may be right for you.


Redknot Homes is a one-stop resource for all of your custom and semi-custom home needs. Our goal is to make the building process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients. We assist our clients with everything including zoning, permitting, financing, designing, and selecting a lot all while keeping you informed every step of the way. Specifically, we believe our Design-Build Method is the most efficient way to deliver a quality home since we cover both the design and contracting under one roof. This ensures everyone is on the same page throughout the custom or semi-custom home building process.


As we™ve mentioned earlier, making a decision between custom vs. semi-custom homes depends on a number of factors. If you don™t wish to be highly involved, have a limited budget, or have less than 12 months to finish a home,  a semi-custom home could be a good option for you. However, if you want to be completely involved with the floor plans, interior, exterior designs, and finishes, a fully custom home would be the better choice for you. Ultimately, the pros for some people may be cons to others and visa-versa based on a client’s budget, needs, timelines, etc.

At the beginning of Redknot Homes, all of our homes were completely custom homes. Now, with dozens of unique, custom home builds under our belts, we are building more and more semi-custom homes. Essentially, recent clients now have a large portfolio of our previously built homes to look through. As a result, many clients see a plan they love that they’d like to make minor adjustments to. This results in the construction of a semi-custom home.


If you’re not sure what type of home you’d like, no worries! Our initial meeting with you will be a discovery meeting. Specifically, we will ask what you are looking for in a home. For example, we want to know some basics from you like desired style, square footage, general layout/special features. Based on that information, if what you describe is very similar to one of our previously built homes, we can show you those floor plans. We do not show our plans from the very beginning because we want to hear what the client wants first. This avoids putting the client in a “box” or limiting their imagination by pushing a floor plan on them.

Finally, let us help you think through the options with a free consultation. You can contact us for more information about custom or semi-custom floor plan designs. Additionally, you can review our gallery of previous work for inspiring home design ideas!