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What Makes a Good Custom Home Builder?

Are you considering building your new dream home? If so, how do you choose between the many custom home builders in Greater Cincinnati? Ultimately, selecting the right custom builder for your home is vital. The right builder will help you envision your future home, design it and build it well. As a client, you will spend a lot of money and time creating your dream home. Specifically, you need a reputable and reliable builder that exceeds your expectations throughout the entirety of the project. Considering the hours spent working with a builder, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in the team you choose.

How Choosing the Right Builder Affects Your Experience

Choosing the right custom home builder makes the building process run more smoothly for everyone involved. Specifically, when expectations are established and communication is prioritized clients are happy. The design portion of a custom build takes 2-3 months and construction often takes 4-6 months. Ultimately, you want a builder focused on streamlining the process and delivering results on time.

The wrong home builder might lack organization and communication skills. These elements are vital to keeping the project on track. Ultimately, lacking these skills will put your project over budget and past your move-in deadline. A building experience that is over your budget and timeline leads to unnecessary stress and frustration. Although the house may look nice when finished, a bad building experience leaves a bad taste in clients’ mouths.

Take extensive time to review some of the builder™s work and their building process before diving into the process of choosing and hiring a custom home builder. Interview several groups and even create a pro™s and con™s list to help you decide which builder is the right fit for you.

What Makes a Custom Home Builder Great?

Like any other professional you hire for projects, you need to know what makes a custom home builder great. We want to help make the decision-making process easier for you by putting together the top characteristics of your future home builder.

Experienced Portfolio

Look for a builder whose portfolio features a variety of projects, including:

  • New developments, remodels, city and suburb builds, and infill projects
  • Different lot terrains such as a hillside or flat
  • Diverse building types like single-family homes and multi-family structures
  • Unique styles including Farmhouse, Victorian, Traditional and Modern
Positive Customer Reviews

A history of customer satisfaction is essential. Whether you check for online customer reviews, explore the builder’s website, or seek word-of-mouth feedback from friends and family, make sure custom homebuyers are satisfied. Remember to make sure to search for reviews of both new clients and those who have lived in their custom homes for a few years.

Complete Transparency

Make sure your custom home builder is willing to communicate with you regularly. Your custom builder should have an established preconstruction phase where they openly communicate via your construction manager’s daily updates.

Extensive Organization

The last thing you want is a building team that can’t keep track of your build’s progress. A custom builder with an intensive focus on extensive organization is more likely to remain attentive to your project and your needs. They do not simply focus on the final result without thinking of your needs along the way. An organized builder designs a system to promptly and professionally handle your service requests throughout the construction process.

High Attention to Detail

Custom building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people. Your builder should recognize how important it is and treat your custom build with care. At Redknot, our team focuses on the details, keeping note of special requests you make and making adjustments as they arise during the build’s design or construction phase.

Are You Thinking About Hiring a Custom Home Builder?

Now that you know more about what you need to consider when hiring a custom home builder, we hope you feel more confident in making your choice. At Redknot, we take our commitment to you and your custom home seriously and we believe the building experience is just as important as the final product itself.  Connect with us to learn what building a custom home takes and how our Redknot Custom Homes team is here to help.