Building a custom home is no easy feat. Specifically, you need engineering and architecture, zoning and permitting, supplies, laborers, and much more to complete a home. Meanwhile, weather conditions, shortages, and work schedules all make any experienced builder sweat under a tight deadline. In 2020, HOMEARAMA® at Walworth Junction almost didn’t happen due to the COVID epidemic. With only a few months before the show, Redknot Homes committed to building two custom show homes for HOMEARAMA® 2020. Custom homes typically take 12 months to build from start to move-in-day. However, with some long hours and a committed team, the team built the homes in five months.

Luckily, for HOMEARAMA® 2021 in Parkside Estates, builders have had much more time to build their show homes. Still, these massive, unique, and often complex projects are enormous undertakings for builders. Specifically, the Construction Manager who oversees the building process takes on a huge responsibility. Redknot Homes is building two pre-sold show homes in Parkside Estates for the September 2021 show, La Bella Vita and Double Eagle Ranch. Our Construction Manager DJ Hlovchiec oversaw the construction of 2020 HOMEARAMA® homes and both HOMEARAMA® 2021 homes in Parkside Estates.

West Chester | Modern Farmhouse | Redknot Homes
Rendering of La Bella Vita, show home to be featured in Cincinnati HOMEARAMA® 2021.

A Construction Manager’s Championship Game

When asked what it’s like to build in a home show, DJ had this to say about his unique experience:

“Being able to participate in HOMEARAMA is an incredible experience. While it is very challenging due to the tight schedules and the number of people involved, it’s such an accomplishment to build in the show. I compare it to the championship game you spend years getting ready for the big event. When the big game comes, it’s challenging. However, the excitement of finishing a home is like the same excitement you get from winning that big game. The days are long, and there’s a new challenge every day. But overcoming and crossing the finish line brings such pride to me personally and to the company as a whole. Seeing the faces of folks light up with excitement as they walk into our homes brings a great feeling of pride.”

HOMEARAMA 2021 Double Eagle Ranch
Rendering of Double Eagle Ranch, show home to be featured in Cincinnati HOMEARAMA 2021.

“Another neat aspect of building in a show like Cincinnati’s HOMEARAMA® is getting to see all the cutting edge design features each builder puts into their homes. From bourbon rooms and golf theaters like our show homes have this year to built-in hot tubs and more, HOMEARAMA® really has it all. Being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best home builders in Cincinnati is something I’ll always be proud of. It is a great accomplishment for all of us at Redknot Homes.”

Cincinnati HOMEARAMA® 2021 at Parkside Estates

After being in the city last year, the show is returning to a more traditional setting with spacious estates in Anderson Township. Parkside Estates is a new home development with 48 sites. Specifically, it’s surrounded by 100 acres of protected land, ponds, and the natural beauty of Cincinnati’s rolling hills. Parkside Estates has large homesites and convenient access to east-side entertainment. For example, there’s shopping and dining to enjoy all along Beechmont Avenue. Finally, the Forest Hills School District is the icing on the cake as a great place to live!

In conclusion, the home show dates are September 18th through October 3rd. You can learn more about the show events and purchase tickets now on the HBA’s website. Redknot Homes will be showing both the Double Eagle Ranch and La Bella Vita in the home show. These homes are pre-sold client homes. However, Redknot has several other homesites available to build semi-custom and custom homes for new clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about living in Parkside Estates, visit our development page. To speak with someone on our team about custom home projects, contact us today.