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In 2017, the Gomez family trusted Redknot Homes to help make their vision into their dream, custom home. Ana Gomez is the Senior Designer at Evolo Design and a client of Redknot Homes. Essentially, Ana designed her home with inspiration from her experiences and studies. For instance, Ana has traveled the world and studied contemporary design.

Specifically, this gorgeous, custom home is in Mt. Lookout and surrounded by wooded views. Redknot Homes excitedly built Ana’s dream home for her and her family. Additionally, we believe she is an incredibly talented designer who helped make this home truly one-of-a-kind. Ana’s custom home featured in “Sophisticated Living” in 2020 is truly breathtaking. Now, a preview of the article text and a PDF of the full article with images is below.

The Softer Side of Concrete

Evolo Designer Ana Gomez applies international inspiration to her Mt. Lookout home

Written by Matthew Millett / Photography by Andrew Kung

Born and raised in Mexico, Ana Gomez grew up with a love for design, reinforced with studies at both the Ibero University for Design and the Universidad de las Puebla for Architecture. From a young age, my passion was always more modern design, which came very naturally to me. As she worked through careers in Mexico, her affinity for contemporary design in particular grew.

After marrying, Ana and her husband became global citizens, with stops in Switzerland, Malaysia, Japan, and Cincinnati, to name a few. For their third stint in Cincinnati, Ana”who was recently promoted to Senior Designer at Evolo Design”and her husband decided to build her dream home, a culmination of their worldly exploration and inspirations. This personal project is just one of several she has currently underway with her team at Evolo Design, including the renovation of a Cincinnati historic landmark, an Over-the-Rhine loft, and a new-build dream home in Indian Hill.

With her architectural background, Ana had always planned to build a home inspired by award-winning Japanese Architect Tadao Ando. Ando and Ana both display a style of architecture centered on zen principles, namely the idea of simplicity and inner feeling rather than outward expression.

Both Ando and Ana make use of concrete structures as key architectural elements in their conceptions. A hefty building medium, in the right hands, concrete can take on visual weightlessness, capturing the simplicity and clean lines of zen design. Ana brought her own unique architectural perspective by utilizing walnut wood on both riveted exterior vertical panels and interior elements”namely the kitchen island”to Rest your eye on some elements of the design.

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