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Revolutionary shifts are happening in the Greater Cincinnati housing market on a scale we haven™t seen since the Post World War II era. Today™s global pandemic has solidified the Work from Home model for many people in the Cincinnati area, and that trend is sticking around. As the pandemic starts to wane in 2021 into 2022, we are still seeing a high demand for updated homes with more space. At Redknot Homes, we believe that changing Cincinnati with modern homes will continuously improve our great city!

People spend more time than ever at home and are re-imagining their space. As a result, people want more square footage and higher quality features and finishes. Before the rarely used home office was wasted space, now it’s a vital space. The dull/lack of views out the window used to not matter but is now painfully obvious. The scenery could use an upgrade, and so could the office. The kitchen needs a facelift, home entertainment space is now essential, and the list of new needs/wants goes on. Finally, it becomes more desirable to build a new home, perhaps with a modern exterior and floor plan.

West Chester | Modern Farmhouse | Redknot Homes

New Homesites in the City

At Redknot Homes, we are redefining the Cincinnati housing market with modern homes in the city. These homes boast some of the best panoramic views around the tri-state. Imagine entertaining friends or having your morning cup of coffee from the rooftop deck of your brand new custom home! However, there is always the issue of finding new space when building in the city.

For the last decade, we have been finding new space by removing rundown homes built on virgin hillsides. These spaces make room for our modern, three to four-story homes. To get great river and city views, our homes are built into hillsides. Specifically, hillside homes require unique permitting and structural engineering that Redknot is highly experienced with.

The sites you may drive by on a daily basis that seem like just a grove of trees on the side of a hill could be the future site of your new custom home. New build sites like these and responsible in-fill buildings are changing the landscape of our city to more modern architecture with desirable views.

Pottebaum Point | Northern Kentucky | Redknot Homes

Improving Cincinnati Neighborhoods

For some, the view isn’t the most important reason to build a new home. Maybe you have deep roots in a specific community, but you’re tired of living in an old house that needs updates and repairs. You have to move to the suburbs to get a newly built home! Redknot Homes can build a dreamy, modern home on your lot or homesite of choice, or remodel an existing home.

“When the end of the world comes,” Mark Twain famously said, “I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always 20 years behind the times.” Our goal is to prove Mr. Twain wrong by bringing modern, energy-efficient homes to Greater Cincinnati.

Finally, are you ready for a modern home in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky? Visit one of our new home communities Donegal RowHandman Ave., Walworth Junction, or Pottebaum Point. Contact us today!